Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Bike Hunt Stories Show the Power of Bicycles and the Struggles of Nonprofits

Over the past few months, I’ve been posting excerpts from my recently published memoir, Bike Hunt, to our Defying Poverty with Bicycles blog because each story shows how this simple machine can change a person’s life. From the bright-pink girl’s BMX bike in Miami that I named Peaches to Silver in San Antonio, these bike hunt stories capture the power of bicycles.

All have the label “Bike Hunt” so you can easily find them. Click here to find all nine tagged posts.

But Bike Hunt is about more than giving away bikes. It is based on the disturbing time I spent as director of a national nonprofit where bad group behavior took hold of people I knew to be caring, passionate bike advocates. I capture my experience at that nonprofit along with my encounters with other nonprofit leaders facing similar distress. I wrap up the book with my analysis of what happened, having had ten years to recover, learn, discuss, and think it through.

I often hear from readers that they loved the bike hunt stories throughout the book, like the ones I shared on the other blog. Readers of this blog, however, will find solace in the deeper story about nonprofits and their common struggles. You can buy Bike Hunt through any online book vendor worldwide (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.) or order it through your local book store. We also have copies for sale at

Bike Hunt would make a perfect Christmas gift for anyone who loves bikes and is passionate about changing our world for the better.